Make Your Own Flower Diagram

In Design for Social Innovation: Case Studies from Around the World, each case study is accompanied by a bespoke flower diagram. Each "flower" visually represents case study data about the team size and composition, scale and source of funding, and outputs of the project. It is a glanceable visual representation of the project.

Make your own flower by adjusting the Funding, Medium, and Team parameters below for your own project. Note that the flower will not appear until all questions in the form below have been answered.

When you're done, download the flower and tag us @DSIBook or use #DSIBook if you share it on social media.


What was the cost of the project, including salaries and/or consulting fees?

Undisclosed <$1K $1k–$25k $25k–$100k $100k–$500k $500k–$1M $1M+
Where did the funding come from? (Check all that apply)


What were the 'mediums of change' in which the project was executed? What was made during the project? Examples include... Digital: website, app, or social media campaign; Physical: device, pamphlet, or board game; Organizational: a new non-profit, team, or department; Spatial: a new space, renovation, or other change to built environment; Experiential: event, training, workshop. (Check all that apply)


To describe the team we ask for two numbers. First, what was the total size of your team including designers? Second, how many of the team members were designers?

Design Quotient

Finally, we want to ask for a little more information about the designers on the team. What kinds of organizations do they work for? Check all that apply. (Note: in the flower graph the colored dots are representative but not proportionate)


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